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23. Road Hazard. (2010)

You’ll often hear people romanticize the idea of hitting someone as hard as they can; Those that have done so, however, would very likely tell you that there is nothing romantic about it. The sometimes sickening noise, the way the impact feels inside your own body and head, the blood… And for most, the moments of questioning afterward as to whether that level of severity was warranted.

I didn’t feel any anger or post-incident ill-will towards the misguided lot that attempted to steal my bike (while I was riding it…) right down the street from my house. All the animosity I was feeling was completely self-directed. It was also justified, and overwhelming. I needed a break from my brain so badly that I chose to go on a bike ride wearing headphones and listening to music- something that under any ordinary circumstances I would never even think of. My life was falling apart, and it was my fault… If I didn’t distract myself, it could have easily gotten the better of me. A simple bike ride, close to home, with a little musical accompaniment.

People do it all the time.

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