13. Motive. (2005)

Many different things motivate people. For me, it’s basically anger.
Not the directionless kind that leads people to screaming fits and road rage, but more a focused disgust for most of what goes on around me and a vengeful motivation to change it.
That is what this is about for me.

I don’t walk around with a constant scowl. I enjoy life. I enjoy my friends, the activities I participate in, my family. The flipside of that however, is that I am never completely at ease, I am never completely content. To be those things would mean that I have begun simmering in complacency, and any progress I have made towards any goals I have set for myself will halt.

The people that I relate to least in life, and the ones that can’t relate to me, are those that have stopped contributing anything and are either confused why or jealous that I haven’t.
Most aspects of modern, popular culture are deplorable. I think those that market to it in such hideous, self-righteous, brainless ways are even more deplorable. It is raising a generation of apathetic, mindless twits that would follow the leader into a burning building if the leader was popular enough and wearing the right clothes.

The things I am a part of reach a very small audience in the scheme of things. I don’t give a fuck if we reach 10 people or 10,000,000 people as long as long as the ones we do reach take away something of substance… or at least have the opportunity to.

I couldn’t care less whether someone agrees with what we’re doing, just as long as they have an opinion on it; Just as long as they fucking think.