1. Doomed (2006)

What chance do we have?

With the misdirection society is plunging in, do we have even a shot at living simple, upstanding, moral lives?

Definition and interpretation of morality is largely subjective, however I would say that disparaging someone after, or making light of, their untimely death is flatly immoral.

I recently overheard a man talking about his ex-wife. He was speaking to a few women, one in particular, and casually mentioned that his wife had gotten cancer and died during the finalization of their divorce, “…making the process easy for him!” No remorse in his voice, no follow-up statement to make himself sound less arrogant or heartless. Instead, his crude follow up was, “I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it!”

The ladies tittered nervously, and left abruptly; I was left simply wanting to beat him. I wanted to physically punish him for the mental harm that he had just done to me and the others that heard him talking unsympathetically about the death of a woman he at one time loved enough to marry. I wanted him to look at me, dizzy and choking on blood and teeth, and understand that while punishment comes in many forms, the most primal one had just caught up with him.

I had to take a few breaths of reason to not do so, and even then, my feet were exiting the situation while my head was still right in the thick of it.

I have no doubt that his callousness will someday be punished with loneliness, failing health without sympathy, and eventually exile to the fires of hell, but none of that fucking matters. He’ll never see himself for what he is: Common. The rule, not the exception; The sort of human fire alarm that should send people running either away as fast as they can, or towards at full gait to help.

But neither will happen.

People just take it, overlook it, and move along… Right into the next exploitative “reality” show or pandering, enabling talk show that flaunts human suffering, degradation, and decline just enough to elicit some armchair sympathy, but not quite enough to convey to the masses that the erosion of human decency and ethics are the rule now, not the exception.

What chance do we have… unless we choose to push even harder, in the opposite direction? Society is flawed mob mentality; There is no semblance of unity unless all else has failed and they have to rely on SOMEONE out of fear for their own well-being.

I don’t relate to or align with any political party for many of the same reasons. They’re all so caught up in rallying mindless herds around an agenda engineered for the sole purpose of making the masses feel better about how fucked up everything is, and getting them to pledge momentary loyalty to the person feeding them the false security.

They fake sincerity towards hard issues that don’t really hit their homes, and then sell them, kit and caboodle, to a society that can’t see past the tip of their noses unless their quality of life is being interrupted.

…And such breeds the hordes of gutless, spineless, thoughtless, and conscienceless drones that reaffirm daily that we’re destined to sink deeper and deeper into society’s open sewer.

No one cares… And those few that truly do, walk a path of pain.

Caring is a curse in this doomed world, and can alienate and sadden those afflicted to the point of dysfunction, with no relief other than the occasional brush with eyes that show the same struggles as their own.