37. Thought Crime. (2012)

What is “Thought Crime”?

“A thoughtcrime is an occurrence or instance of controversial or socially unacceptable thoughts.”

The term comes from the novel ‘1984’ by George Orwell. 1984 is the story of a man, and a society, that eroded into a cycle of forced control, blind routine and ultimately a total loss of free will. Out of fear, the citizens fight their natural instincts to think and act freely, and, also out of fear, the rulers of the society fight to suppress them.

No one on either side conceptualized or realized any sort of progressive or suitable destiny; Their lives began and ended a series of pre-manufactured actions and pre-determined conclusions…

Just like many in our world now: In full possession of their own free will, yet not self-possessed enough to follow where it leads.

As it applies today, in our perception: Much of society has devolved to a state of near-mindlessness. Between the instant access, constant contact, and faceless unaccountability of our digital and pre-programmed lives, autonomy and independence are replaced too often and too easily by convenience and thoughtless pattern.

Our interpretation of “Thought crime” is simply a counterpoint to herd mentality, and a call to arms towards reaching true potential by never being led blindly; Assert will over your mind, and turn your strongest thoughts into even stronger actions.

Dissent and questioning lead to confidence and evolution,
while complacency leads to loss of clarity.

Think, act, and become a stronger, more independent version of yourself than our modern society wants you to be;

Thought crime does not equal death, as the villains in ‘1984’ (and the dominant influences in our society) would lead you to believe.



devoid of vivid and voracious,

sometimes seditious,


turns of the mind

is no life at all.