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17. Through, not around. (2010)

‘Let the simple have their simple victories…

Our victories of ego need only be over ourselves; Nothing petty demands to be proven through posturing, silly slander or false bravado when you have found and remain on a brave path.

Hold yourself accountable for your stumbles or shortcomings, but share credit with the community that supports you for your triumphs.’

This sentiment can be applied to something as simple as someone racing to pass you in their car, intentionally inconveniencing you at the store, or transparently poking fun at you in a feeble attempt to heal a bruised ego. All are wastes of energy to respond to, and indulging them in any way will often do more to take away from your daily mission than to honor it.

Simple people fight simple battles. It’s… simple. Skip it.

Be a lion in the path, knowing which harmless creatures to let by, and which to take the effort to devour;

If your intention is to destroy, do so with ferocity and malice.

If your intention is to annoy, acknowledge the triviality of such acts.

All I Ask. (Picture- 2014)

“Gave you all I had, got kicked in the ass,
stand by my side, was all I ever asked.
Happened once, should’ve know it happened again,
now alone stands the hand I promised to lend…”

18. Letter #1. (2010)

My dear,

I saw you walking tonight in your long grey pea coat. You looked intent, and although the compulsion was almost too strong to subdue, I chose to not make my presence known. It hadn’t been a full minute that you had been off my mind prior to you walking around the flowered corner merely 40 yards from where I first set eyes on you some years ago.

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19. Letter #2. (2010)

My dear,

Even my dreams now offer no reprieve from thoughts of you. I often look away as I am passing streets or landmarks that taunt me with memories; as of late the effort has been in vain, as the second I close my eyes they are there, ready and waiting.

The recurring dream has been a biblical-type plot- My role as the soul seeking retribution, and yours as that of the executioner. I am saying words I do not mean in an effort to secure a forgiveness I do not deserve, put forth in a grotesque and transparent display that is not fitting of me even in my broken form.

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