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20. Disappointed, not surprised… (2004)

God I hate California(ns).

I was about to cross the street in a very upscale shopping area by my house when a really old woman tripped on the curb and fell flat on her face. I mean flat. No hands out, no head turn.

I dropped the bag I was holding, ran over to her, and carefully picked her up. She couldn’t have weighed 75-80 pounds; I have a medicine ball that weighs nearly as much as she did.

She was bleeding from her forehead, nose and mouth, and not doing much else. The area was moderately crowded-I assumed that someone would notice a young person holding a motionless, bleeding old person and immediately offer to help. In the meantime I just stood there and held on to her- I have never held an infant, but I imagine that is what it would feel like. She was light, not just in weight, but in composition. She felt completely fragile, like just-frozen ice. Eventually, people started coming over and several actually asked me what to do. If they had grown up in the same society I had, the obvious path was to call 911 (which a man was finally courteous enough to get off his other call to do). Fucking morons.

Moments later this douche in a jean jacket with the collar up and some haircut comes over and tells me “Uh, I took some nursing classes in college, and you should definitely be tipping her head back to stop the bleeding”. I promptly took my 3rd hand out and tipped her head back while still attempting to stabilize her quasi-lifeless body. Jean jacket then says “You know, you should sit her down so she doesn’t fall over”. We’re on a street corner, not in an auditorium. I don’t know where I’d sit down right here, and I’m not 100 years old and bleeding from my head.

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Handmade. (Picture- 1994)

“…to my friends, and the ones I’ve fought, a special place left in my heart. Those days are gone, man, but they’re not forgot.” – Judge